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As the mother of children with special needs, Lisa Wilde had no idea how much the Y could help her and her family until she decided to check out the Irving Family YMCA last year. What she thought was just a place to swim and workout, turned out to be much more than she ever expected. In addition to a great pool with wonderful and attentive life guards, she discovered that her children could also participate in the YMCA Miracle League - a sports league designed for kids with special needs. Lisa’s son, Jonathan, was diagnosed with ADHD and borderline autism when he was three years old. Therefore, he sometimes has trouble dealing with other kids in a team environment. But in the Miracle League, everyone is patient with each other and friendship comes before winning or anything else. Jonathan always wanted to play sports, but felt intimidated. So he was excited when he noticed that the other kids in the Miracle League had to overcome challenges just like him. Jonathan’s sisters, Gracie and Wanda, have also enjoyed being involved in the Miracle League. Wanda suffers from a vitamin deficiency and a condition that causes her to often fall and hurt herself. She wasn’t able to play regular T-Ball, but with the Miracle League, they were able to make adjustments to better suit her needs so that she can still enjoy the game. Also, their sister, Gracie, was a buddy in sports last year. She has had a great time meeting people and now has a best friend she met through the league. In addition to sports, the family has also taken part in nutrition classes to help them eat healthier, and they attend Literacy Night once a month. The Y has certainly turned out to be much more than Lisa ever expected, and we hope to keep surprising her with exceptional quality for many years to come!    

John Hazelton - Helping Others

John Hazelton enjoys helping others and can’t think of a better way to do that than through the Town North Family YMCA. If something needs to be done you can count on the fact that he’ll be there ready and willing to do whatever it takes to support his community. There are few positions at the Y that John has not served in at one time or another. Over the years, he has been the Chair of the Board of Management; Campaign Chairman for the Partners Annual Campaign; volunteered in both Indian Princess & Indian Guides; coached boys soccer; and helped with Family Fun Night events. John’s children have been equally involved with the Y. They have taken swim lessons, gone to camp, played soccer, basketball, baseball, and even competed on the swim team. John especially enjoys contributing his time to support Healthy Kids Day. During the summer months, children are more prone to gain weight and fall behind in their studies. This free event encourages kids and parents to commit to keeping the body and mind active during the summer. John has helped make the event especially fun for the kids by setting up a special police department presentation with McGruff the Crime Dog, a cherry picker, a command center and fingerprinting station, officers on horseback, and even helicopters buzzing overhead! This is an example of John’s philosophy that if it’s worth doing, its worth doing BIG! In a nutshell, he walks the walk and is a wonderful community role model. John has made an impact in the lives of countless children and families, and the Town North YMCA is privileged to count him among their ranks.

John Hazelton - Volunteer
Lisa Wilde - Miracle League Mom

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