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Men Against Abuse

Last month, Mayor Mike Rawlings felt compelled to speak out against the senseless, horrific acts of domestic violence taking place in our city. Overwhelmingly, 85% of these violent acts involve a man attacking a wife, girlfriend or partner.

In the span of one year – from 2011 to 2012 – the number of Dallas murders related to domestic violence doubled. Already this year, four women have needlessly lost their lives due to domestic violence. This isn’t only a Dallas problem or even just a North Texas problem. It’s a worldwide epidemic. But in order for significant change to occur, we must address this issue locally.

Mayor Rawlings is calling for 10,000 men to join him at 10 a.m. March 23, 2013 at the Men Against Abuse Rally at Dallas City Hall Plaza, 1500 Marilla Street. I am taking a stand and joining Mayor Rawlings in this effort. We want the world to know – enough is enough! It’s time to end domestic violence in Dallas.

I am sending you this letter to ask you to support this effort. How can you help?

As a member of the YMCA, we ask that you join us in taking a stand against domestic violence by joining us at City Hall on March 23rd. As the leading organization which strengthens the foundations of community through, youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, this is an important issue for all of us.

We should all take a stand and take the pledge.

• I will never commit an act of violence against women.

• I will hold abusive men accountable for their heinous actions and help them seek counseling.

• I will speak out against domestic violence and promote domestic violence awareness.

• I will teach my daughters, nieces and granddaughters that they never have to accept violence in a relationship, and teach my sons, nephews and grandsons that violence is an unacceptable way to express anger or displeasure.

To be clear, this event doesn’t exclude the rest of your family. In fact, Mayor Rawlings worked closely with women and experts at women’s shelters on this effort. But we have to speak to men because we are a significant part of the problem. This is an opportunity to teach our children about important issues for which we should all stand and be heard.

A website has been established that may provide more information

Please join us at the rally. Together, we can end domestic violence.