MARCH 2020

Dear YMCA Friends,

Here are a few highlights of what's happening throughout the Dallas YMCA association:



Over the last year, our YMCA Board and Staff have worked hard on a new strategic plan that will drive our work in the community for the next five years. The plan, Building Stronger Communities for All, addresses community impact in the area of youth development, healthy living and social responsibility along with organizational capacity building, growth and sustainability. This plan reflects our mission and our continuing impact that the Y ensures all people have equitable access to the essentials needed to become thriving members of the community. Daily, the Y bridges and fills individual and community needs as a catalyst for impactful change.  






Equip youth, teens and young adults for the future

  • Train staff and volunteers to recognize mental health and substance abuse disorders.
  • Through partnerships, create spaces for youth, teens and young adults in and out of our Ys.

Meet the health and wellness needs of our members by creating an encouraging environment 

  • Expand existing well-being programs to more members and participants
  •  Address the well-being needs of those we are not currently serving
  • Integrate nutrition focusing on healthy eating in all Y programs

Expand collaborations/partnerships in the medical community to grow healthy living programs.

  • Create collaborative opportunities with healthcare organizations
  • Cross market health, wellness and nutrition programs into all we do

Position our Y as leaders in important community issues

  • Safety Around Water – Eliminate childhood drowning
  • Community Convener - Leverage the Ys reach to bring the community together on issues.
  • Deliver Programs “outside the walls” of our YMCAs




  • Expand the Y’s reach to serve and impact more people.
  • Financial and philanthropic efforts are solid, sustainable and growing
  • Diverse staff and volunteers are recruited, developed and retained to actively promote a cause-driven culture
  • Ensure the Y is welcoming, safe and accessible for all


I look forward to sharing more with you over the next several months as we being to operationalize our plan. Thank you for your continued support.



Thank you for your continued support. In spirit, mind, and body,



Curt Hazelbaker

President and Chief Executive Officer

Twitter: @CurtHazelbaker   |   LinkedIn: Curt Hazelbaker


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