Dear YMCA Friends,

Here are a few highlights of what's happening through your YMCA: 



For many teens, the YMCA is the first job they'll have. You'll see young people in our Childwatch program, working the front desk, refereeing sports or serving as lifeguards at our pools among other positions. We employ approximately 2,200 people with 90% of them being part-time or seasonal. You'll find some of the best and most satisfied people working for the Y. These first jobs could lead to a career at the Y. 

If you have a child looking for a job or you're interested, visit: to learn more about positions at the Y.


Physical activity is central to healthy living, one of the YMCA's core values. Group exercise programs are designed to interact with and engage participants in healthy activities. These programs seek to provide a supportive group setting that develops social bonds and strong friendships. Our Group Exercise instructors are highly trained to provide those seeking a healthy lifestyle with a safe environment and effective exercise programs. Instructors facilitate class connections and create opportunities for storytelling and relationship building. Along with this, they are a lot of fun! Visit your local Y or to find out when classes are scheduled.



I mentioned earlier the number of Staff working at the Y. This group serves nearly 200,000 people annually, but we can't do it without help. To do our important work, the Y relies on support from members, donors, volunteers and community leaders. When you are involved with the Y, you help bring about lasting personal and social change. Whether you want to nurture the potential of children and teens, improve your or your family's health and well-being, or give back and support your neighbors, your involvement with the Y will positively impact those in your community. We are always looking for support and I encourage you to consider serving as part of the Y family.

Please be sure to mark your calendar for the 15th Annual YMCA Key Leaders Luncheon. It will be held on Thursday, October 4 at Noon at the Fairmont Hotel. The keynote speaker this year is Robert Kaplan, President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Texas. Lee Cullum, Host of KERA's CEO will serve as the Moderator. If you are interested in an event or table sponsorship contact: Sarah Byrom at


Thank you for your continued support.


In spirit, mind, and body,




Curt Hazelbaker

President and Chief Executive Officer