Our first annual Dri-Tri was a complete success! We had 34 participants that signed up, not to just test their fitness but to support our LiveSTRONG cancer survivor program. With their support we raised over $900!

Wait…So What Is a Dri-Tri?

Dri-Tri is a dry triathlon (no swimming!). Our Dri-Tri fitness challenge consists of the following:

  • 2000m row
  • 15K Bike Ride
  • 5K Run

Our members had a lot to say! See what they thought about the event:

 “Thank you so much for a great event this morning - the 1st annual DRI-TRI!. I had a ton of fun and enjoyed a major sweat session. You guys executed it well, cheered us on and created a great environment for fun & community. Looking forward to the next one”.  - Ashley Skinta

“Thank you so much! This was a blast!! We have the best people at our Y!!” - Lauren Amador.

Laurie Christopher, Head of our LiveSTRONG program, wanted to share a few words too:

“I would like to sincerely thank all those who participated in our Dri Tri event.  Participating in this campaign has benefited our beloved LiveSTRONG program here at the Frisco Family Y.  The donations raised are able to serve those and their families affected by cancer.  Our Frisco Livestrong program has developed into an amazing and strong community allowing strength to grow from within and support others.  This program would NOT exist with out your support! Our Livestrong group are already looking forward to next year. Much gratitude!  #strength over fear through fitness.”


A big thank you for all our LiveSTRONG ladies Marcelle Cudmore, Maggie Stresow, Melanie Neystel, Colleen Steller, Jan Pendery, Donna Levine, Heidi O Connell, Wanda Pfannenstiel and Joanne Beal that participated and volunteered on the day.

And lastly, a big shout out to Frisco Running club and Blue Surfer girl for donating prizes to our 1st and 2nd Male and Female contenders. See ya next year!

Authored by: La Shae