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Boost Summer Learning with Board Games

posted on Tue, Jul 30 2013 8:10 am by YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas

The summer months can be filled with plenty of fun activities for families before the beginning of a new school year. But they can also be filled with plenty of long days with lots of downtime. Parents often find themselves struggling to come up with constructive and fun ways to past the time, and watching TV or playing video games for 8 hours is not an option.  

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Fitness: It's a Family Affair

posted on Tue, Jul 30 2013 8:07 am by YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas

There are many benefits to maintaining a physically and emotionally healthy, balanced lifestyle. Not only does it provide the energy and stamina needed to carry-out the demands of daily life, but it also helps you to age well, extending your quality of life and vitality for many years. And a commitment to healthy living doesn't only benefit you. 

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8 Surprising Health Benefits of Dancing

posted on Tue, Jul 30 2013 8:04 am by YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas

When we think about dancing, we typically think in terms of a night out with friends or a significant other, tearing up the dance floor to the hottest music. Dancing may even conjure up images of highly-skilled ballroom dancers with sequin gowns, tuxedos and fancy shoes. You may even envision the celebrities on shows like Dancing with the Stars, who go through weeks of rigorous training with professionals to flaunt their stuff on national TV. And while dancing may seem like all fun and glam, there are also many health benefits to getting out and shaking your groove thing. Researchers have found that dancing can help with flexibility, losing weight and even reducing stress. 

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Summer Safety: The Top Reasons Everyone Should Know CPR & First Aid

posted on Mon, Jul 8 2013 2:13 pm by YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas

The sad truth about humans is that we are fragile. Thankfully, however, we realize how fragile we are and we have learned how to take care of others, and ourselves. We can take care of ourselves through methods like First Aid and CPR. While many people do not believe they have the time to learn, or simply don’t want to, they may not realize that every day we are at risk of being involved in a water safety incident or accident whether work related or while we are driving down the road. This is an important reason to learn First Aid or CPR. Read on to learn more...


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