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Top 5 Ways Swimming can be the Most Efficient Exercise this Fall

posted on Tue, Aug 20 2013 9:17 am by YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas

We all know that swimming is fun, we know that it’s the best when the weather here in Dallas is scorching hot and the thought of going for a run makes you want to jump right in. There’s no better feeling then coming home from work after having to wear an entire suit in the middle of summer and going for a swim to cool yourself off. But did you know just how good swimming is for your body? It’s an always active exercise that burns calories the quickest.

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Why the YMCA is Perfect for your On the Go Lifestyle

posted on Tue, Aug 20 2013 9:13 am by YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas

With the demanding schedules of being a parent, especially if you are a working parent that's preparing for school starting up again, taking care of you and your family’s fitness often gets put on the back burner. The busy days include taking the kids to school, working, picking them up, helping them with their homework, making dinner and numerous other tasks that make going to the gym seem impossible. At the YMCA of Dallas, we strive to help you and your families stay fit and healthy. We help you make time for yourself and help your kids learn how to take care of themselves to make your life a little less hectic. 

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Back to School Time is Here: Sign up your Child for our School Age Services After School Programs

posted on Tue, Aug 20 2013 9:10 am by YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas

With the school year fast approaching and your once again hectic schedules right around the corner, have you thought about enrolling your child in any after school programs, whether it’s educational or health and wellness  Here at YMCA Dallas we strongly believe that education and health & wellness should go beyond the classroom and continue throughout the entire day. We offer structured after school programs that provide enriching activities for your child to continue their educational growth. 

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