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Join our Diabetes Prevention Program to Live a Diabetes-Free Life

posted on Mon, Sep 9 2013 1:26 pm by YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas

According to the American Diabetes Association, 25.8 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes, covering 8% of the population. It doesn’t seem like much when you see the percentage but the disease is ever-growing, more and more people are diagnosed with diabetes every day and have to begin a new journey to learn how to treat it. 

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Back to School: Three Ways to Help Your Child Eat Right

posted on Mon, Sep 9 2013 1:10 pm by YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas

While the at-home lifestyle of a child has a strong correlation with their health, so does their involvement in school. With the school year beginning,  stay on top of what your child consumes every day, so that you can do your best to teach them what  foods  may or may not be   healthy s. There are  many things which can influence  your child’s  eating habits at school  but by simply paying attention,  you can help them make better food choices. 

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Staying Active at Work

posted on Mon, Sep 9 2013 1:04 pm by YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas

We all know that as an office professional it’s hard to find the time to stay active while you’re at work. No matter what, you find yourself sitting at a desk for hours upon hours every day and it can be debilitating to your health.   


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