2018 Teen Summit

On the breezy Saturday morning of November 3rd, motivational phrases such as “Oh, the places you will go.” and “The time is now.” set a powerful tone over Mountain View College. This fall, the Moorland and Oak Cliff YMCA Branch hosted the Semi-Annual Teen Summit. Young students between the 8th and 12th grade set their sights on several post-secondary options available upon graduation. Although there are infinite possibilities in career choice, the Fall 2018 Teem Summit highlighted 4 great career paths in gaming, collegiate sports, culinary arts, and health care. As a volunteer, I was beaming with pride of seeing young leaders and their unwavering interest in meeting representatives from colleges and career professionals, asking questions, and hear from the guest Speaker, Principal Tia Simmons of Duncanville High School.

“I have always wanted to go to Harvard, but I know I have to be really smart, so I came here.”, said one determined student. It is beautiful that so many students and parents have recognized the importance of attending the Teen Summit to network with potential hires and prospective colleges, as well as gain knowledge of how to get there, provided an example of what that looks like. With resume in hand, one student impressed everyone with his college readiness skills, aptitude, and style.

Another beautiful piece of the Fall Teen Summit was the sheer support that filled the building. As various individuals walked to and from each table and session with information and complimentary bags, there was one gentleman who came to volunteer. Everyone assumed he was an instructor, because he had sat nearly 20 students down to discuss not giving up and keeping focus. When asked about his role, He said, “We were all there, and I felt it was my duty to talk to them about this.”

The next Teen Summit will be held during Spring 2019. “Teens learn how to make positive choices for their immediate and long-term future, as well as how to contribute to their community.” Visit Moorlandymca.org for more information.

Authored by: sbenson