Adventure Guides: How to Have a Great Circle Meeting

Circle Meeting are the life-blood of the Adventure Guides Program. Making these meetings count is a great way to get the most out of this school year's program. Here are some tips on how to have a great, memorable Circle Meeting:


Traditions bring magic to the AG experience, especially for the kids. Many Circle's use opening and closing rituals to set these meeting apart from typical gatherings. This helps everyone recognize that what is happening is special and worth remembering! Additionally, traditions don't have to only be monthly. An annual event or activity is also a great way make sure these years are never forgotten!


Circle Meetings are a great way to give the collected dads and kids a chance to build lasting friendships. An awesome way to make meetings foster these relationships is by making them fun! Make an all inclusive game or activity standard with your Circle's monthly (or twice monthly) meeting! Also, a kid-only activity can be a great way to let the kids have fun while the Dad's get down to business with plans, details, etc.


Who says you have to wait for the next Campout to do something special? What if this school year your circle did something outside of the norm like going mini-golfing, doing a community service project, or even going to an adventure park (Check out Adventure Landing Dallas or Trinity Forest Adventure Park). The sky is the limit!

We hope that school year's Adventure Guides program will bring you closer together with your children as well as your fellow circle members and their children. The quality time you spend with your child throughout the year will be what lays the foundation for lasting these friendships. AG event and Campout will be made all the more fun because of the time spent in your circle meetings. So make new traditions, focus on fun and have a grand expedition! This is our hope for you the school year.




Written by: Max Erwin

Regional Program Director