Become a 3-percenter: Learn CPR & First Aid

Person applying bandage

While it has been proven that CPR can help save a person's life, did you know according to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel reports only 3% of Americans receive CPR training every year? Here are three reasons you should get CPR trained: 

The More You Know 

Cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in America with over 350,000 related death it is crucial that we all seek to get CPR trained! CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is a technique that helps improve the chances of survival for those who suffer a case of cardiac arrest. It keeps oxygen flowing to the body's blood supply. Visit: to learn more. 

The Motto 

Have you ever heard the expression “stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready,” or “be prepared”? Well, that’s the motto for CPR training.! These classes will prepare you for a multitude of emergencies, while also giving you the confidence to handle a cardiac emergency.  

CPR classes are fun! 

CPR classes are an informative and fun experience with hands-on activities using your, musical abilities to understand compressions and tempo control. Many instructors go out of their way to make the class even more engaging, like our YMCA summer CPR and First Aid intern, Taylor Hillman. Ms. Hillman has created a game that involves card games with various scenarios to keep the class interacting with one another. 

Interested in taking a CPR class? Sign up for a CPR training class and join this club of lifesavers! Visit: to find a CPR class near you! 


Written by: Marie McGrew

Marketing & Communications Intern

Authored by: La Shae