Benefits of Women weight lifting

Why Women should weigh lift


Weightlifting has long been seen as an exercise strictly for men who claim the gym as their second home. The idea of lifting heavy weights can be an intimidating concept for both men and women, but especially for women, who have been told that it can be dangerous and damaging to their long-term health. Cara Pulliam from the Frisco Family YMCA thinks otherwise. “I’ve been lifting heavy [weights] for the last 20 years, and, so far, I’m only healthier.” Pulliam states. “The benefits of exercise (and especially heavy lifting for women) far outweigh the risk of injury and help avoid the many dangers of living a sedentary lifestyle.”  

Here are some reasons why women can (and should) be adding weightlifting into their exercise routine: 

  1. You Get Stronger 

Lifting lighter weights is great for muscle endurance, but if you want to start seeing larger results in the gym- weight lifting is your answer. Real lifting, like deadlifts, rows and squats, will help build the strength you have been working towards faster than lighter weights.  

  1. You Burn Fat, and a Lot of it 

People have the idea that the only way to burn fat is through cardio. However, there is more evidence that lifting weights may burn even more fat than cardio. Why? “Muscle is more metabolically active than fat tissue. Having an extra pound of muscle burns additional calories each day even when you are sedentary” according to certified fitness trainer Cathe Friedrich.  

  1. You Prevent Injuries 

If you are a runner, swimmer, or participate in any other cardio sport, weightlifting is crucial to help prevent injuries. When you are stronger, you are able to have better form and move in more efficient ways to avoid injuries. For example, runners who incorporate strength training in their workouts can prevent knee injuries. Swimmer can avoid shoulder and other arm injuries when adding weightlifting into their routine.  


Even with all the benefits to weightlifting, it is still understandable to be intimated at first when it comes to the equipment and making sure you have the proper form. Frisco Family YMCA offers PWRFIT, a functional group training classes that help you build strength through weightlifting. Stop by and see how weightlifting can help with your healthy lifestyle goals!  



Authored by: ekefford