Better Together: Our Adventure Guides Program Is Growing in Collin County

The Adventure Guides program is one of the most important programs that the YMCA offers. That is why we believe it is important to continually build and improve the program to better benefit the families we serve. For a long time, the Plano and Frisco communities have done an excellent job building strong Adventure Guides programs. We are excited to announce that these individual programs will now be adopting a new structure that will allow them to benefit together while maintaining their programs independence. This will also help other communities in Collin County build programs with the support of a larger group.


As of this Summer, both the Plano and Frisco Adventure Guides programs will be organized into to the Collin County Federation. As well, instead of using titles like “Plano Nation” each program will be known as an “Expedition” Each individual Expedition will continue doing the campouts and events they always have but will also be to enjoy new opportunities that both programs can enjoy. For example, the Frisco Expedition has always done a winter campout. Now circles from the Plano Expedition can enjoy an extra Campout opportunity. As well, the folks in Frisco will be invited to join in events like the Derby Day and Father Daughter Dance events that the Plano Families attend each year.


While this is certainly beneficial for Plano and Frisco, there is also hope for new Adventure Guides programs to start as soon as this fall. Having a larger group to grow with will give these communities the support they need to get started with their own Expeditions. Currently, there are families in Prosper and Celina interested in starting Adventure Guides programs in their communities. This means more fathers with children in Prosper and Celina will get to experience the bond building activities that you’ve benefited from in Adventure Guides.

Since 1926 when the program, then known as Indian Guides, was first started it has helped fathers create space to build relationships with their kids. We believe that this builds stronger families, which in turn builds stronger communities. By developing this program and making it accessible to more families we are helping further the cause of the YMCA, which is to strengthen communities.



Written by: Max Erwin

Regional Program Director