CDartez photo

Carly Dartez is the Associate Executive Director at the Coppell Family YMCA. She is a Y baby. Her grandfather worked for the Y, he was the CEO in Manhattan, New York, San Francisco, and Ohio. Her dad also worked for the way, and he retired after 40 years. My parents met at the Y and my husband, and I also met at the Y. “I drink the Kool-Aid of the Y, which is what I like to say, but that's not what I work for the Y”, Dartez said.

She said, “we impact the community so much here, whether it's in Coppell, or anywhere in the Metroplex, around the world. We do not turn away anyone due to financial reasons. We offer financial assistance for anybody who needs it, to be able to participate in our programs. We also impact people's lives not only health but there are so many other aspects of their life that we can help with.”

Being an Associate Executive Director is a big role just because our CEO, Curt Hazelbaker always promotes being the CEO and your community. Dartez said, “I have a great partnership with Willie Lees who's our Vice President of Operations, and we work so well together to be able to create that and be the CEO, your community knows, the schools know, the clubs know, and we have a huge impact on the community.

With her being in her new role, she loves building relationships with people and being able to talk to anybody who walks through the door. That’s what makes her job amazing and because you never know what you're going to get a box of chocolates, you're never going to know what you're going to get. But there's always something sweet at the end.

She is going to make the Coppell Y better by getting back to what truly matters, with the Y building those relationships, getting that accountability, and building trust with people.

“We were missing those three things before at the Coppell Y but I do think that we have a lot of amazing members in marketing is the best form for word of mouth is the best form of marketing. It only takes three reasons for people to have a good experience here at the Y, having a friendly staff, working machines, and a clean facility. We pride ourselves on all those three things,” she said.

Having those three things makes people want to stay and if you have a friend at the Y, you know somebody staff if you bring your friends and your family, you're more likely to stay and I think we create that great atmosphere here at the Coppell Y.

Authored by: Kaniece Tell