Hope's Day

Hope standing outside smiling

Why we are the Y: Hope's Day!

We received a special request from a foster parent to accept her 14-year-old daughter, Hope, into our Yipiyuk Day Camp. Hope's foster mom shared that she is developmentally delayed and cognitively relates to life through the lens of a 9-year-old.

Hope has experienced four weeks of camp with us and has inspired her peers and our team. She always came to camp filled with joy and ready to spread her energy to everyone around her. She didn’t attend Week 3 of camo, and everyone asked, “where’s Hope?” because we felt her absence.

While at camp, she took private swim lessons and learned archery despite hesitating about trying.
Today was Hope’s Day. Her last day at camp with us. Hope has been adopted and is moving in with her forever family. She came in with her jam jar and asked everyone to write her a farewell note so that she could read it later, and her mom brought in treats for her group to celebrate her.

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Doris Rodriguez - Bryant

Authored by: Monique Gutierrez