IMPACT STORY: Deborah Anderson

Marc and Deb Anderson

At the Y, we’re committed to providing the necessary resources and support for everyone in our community to build a healthy spirit, mind, and body. It’s through our Financial Assistance program that we’re able to knock down that barrier of financial hardship that would prevent anyone from participating at the YMCA.

Deborah Anderson and her family have been members of the YMCA for more than 30 years in many different cities and states: Topeka (KA), Danville (VA), Evansville (IA), and now Frisco (TX). However, her move to Frisco came from the need to care for her husband, Marcus Anderson.

“Marcus was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzhimer’s at age 54 in 2018,” Deborah said. “Marcus played college football at the University of Tulsa and broke his neck in his senior year [on] September 14, 1985 (Tulsa v. Texas Tech).”

The Andersons recently relocated last year to Dallas, due to a wider array of Alzheimer’s resources for Marcus, as well as support from their family and friends. As Deborah continues to care for her husband through this new stage of his life, the Frisco YMCA is here to care for Deborah by continuing her membership with us and alleviating any stress and worries wherever we can.

“Our [now] adult sons attended YMCA youth programs, and I've always enjoyed the group fitness classes,” Deborah said. “I’m so grateful to find a new community at the Frisco YMCA.”




Authored by: Taheera Washington