May MacGregor - The Mask Maker

May MacGregor

In normal times, May MacGregor is known as the Sports Program Specialist for the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas. She has 3 sons, Collin, Dillon and Trevlan MacGregor and an earnest passion for sports that is only surpassed by her great passion for people.

In preparation for Trevlan’s high school Exchange Program in Italy, May began doing research on ways to protect her son from the coronavirus pandemic back in February. She learned that tools, such as face coverings and medical masks were essential in slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus and could potentially protect people from exposure. She decided to learn how to make CDC approved face masks and began producing them for her son. As the coronavirus pandemic worsened and began spreading across the globe, state officials and do-good businesses began asking for mask donations. After learning of the dire need for face coverings and masks, May realized she was a in a position to help. 

May began producing masks for her friends and immediate family. She then expanded her production to donate masks to companies providing masks for essential workers. When a friend’s son, who works as a Fedex delivery driver was in need of a face covering, May designed a custom mask to go with his uniform. His supervisor loved the mask so much he purchase more masks for his delivery team. May continued to provide masks for neighbors, nursing homes and her very own YMCA co-workers. 

When asked why she decided to provide masks for her community, May explained, “I was just doing it as stress reliever and to be nice, and I ended up being able to fulfill a need”. 

Thank you May, for standing in the gap and supporting your community.

Authored by: sbenson