The world that we live in today, the word “community” can very easily loose its meaning. People throw the word around in the hopes of uniting us all, but in reality, the word “community” can sometimes act like a band aid to a sinking ship. At the Y, we believe that community in the most authentic sense can be shown through our actions. We sit down with Frisco Family Y member, Bryan Hoctor, and hear his Y story and what community means to him. 

“I started coaching Y basketball about fifteen years ago, when my oldest son was in kindergarten. At the core, the Y is family and community based. It starts with members in the gym making themselves better and then continues throughout the organization to make the community we live in better” Hoctor says. 

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the Frisco Family YMCA to temporarily close back in March in order to keep the community safe. The Y continued serving the community through blood drives, food distribution, virtual fitness, and keeping senior members engaged.  

“During the COVID-19 closure, my community from the Garage Power Fit program kept each other going, sharing stories and encouraging each other to work out throughout the pandemic. The Garage Power Fit program has been one of my favorite parts of my Y experience. We work hard and encourage each other during every class. The group feels like family.” 

When the Frisco Y reopened back in June, Bryan was able to reunite with his Power Fit family and get back into his weekly routine.  

“The Y has helped me feel much better about myself” Hoctor explains. “It is part of my weekday routine. When I walk through the front doors, I feel like I am Norm from the show, Cheers. Everyone at the front desk knows my name, and I see my friends scattered throughout the gym. Every morning I walk out of the Y having accomplished something physically, I get to talk to my friend Nakita on my way out [and it is then that I know] I’m ready to take on the day.” 

Authored by: cmccauley