Meet Jessica Smith

If you come to the Moody YMCA regularly, you know Jessica Smith. She works as a Member Services Representative, and is plugged into our Y family in many ways. Jessica was kind enough to sit down for an interview to share some information about herself and her history in the Y:

“We moved to Dallas. My sister and I were new to Armstrong for the 3rd grade. We joined the Armstrong Eagles. I played Special Olympics sports in track and field [at] Highland Park Middle School and High School.

As a senior in High School, I was the manager for the Highland Park Varsity Tennis Team. Betty Sue Welch was the coach. At the Senior Dinner, the tennis team gave me a charm that I wear on my necklace.

I have had many trainers at the Y – Amy, Candace, Anna, and Scott, who helped me after I broke my ankle. I also had Sara for a while and now I have DeeAnn. They all are great!

My trainers helped me with many classes in Hip Hop, Piloxing, Yoga, weight machines, treadmills, rowing machines, and weights.

I knew Brenda at the Y for some time. I sang in the Highland Park High School choir that her sister, Ms. Bledsoe, directed. I now work at the YMCA to help people. I want to learn how to be a personal fitness trainer and help teach classes. I am interested in life saving, eating well, and world peace.”

Next time you come to the Y and see Jessica, be sure to say hi!

Authored by: jlocke