John Mosley was born and raised in Frisco, TX and graduated from Little Elm High School in 2004. In 2005 he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. His first duty station was in Okinawa, Japan where he traveled to different areas in the Pacific. From there, John continued to travel all over the world visiting a total of 22 countries along the way. Of all of his travels, John’s favorite place to visit was Rome, Italy, where he got to see the Sistine Chapel and the Roman Colosseum. During John’s time in service he was a light armored reconnaissance Marine, marital arts instructor, and part-time personal trainer. Personal training has always been a sincere passion of John’s because of his own struggles and successes with fitness, injuries, and weight gain. 

 In May of 2020 he retired from the active duty Marine Corps, and now is back in his home state doing the work he loves in the place that he grew up. John is married to an amazing woman, Lilliy, and together they have one son, Mason, who is two years old. Aside from personal training and physical fitness John plays the guitar, read books, and volunteers in his local community. He is currently working on completing his Bachelor’s degree in business at the University of Texas at Dallas. John’s personal motto is: Work hard, try your best at everything you do, all while being a positive influence, and you’ll truly be amazed at just what you can achieve in your life. 

Some fun facts about John: 

  • He meditates every day 
  • He loves being outdoors in extreme climates 
  • He practices survival skills in the wilderness. Of all of John’s hobbies and activities, being outdoors is hands down his favorite.  
  • Last but not least, when John is in the gym or working out his favorite exercise is the dumbbell squat to curl to press. 

We are so grateful to have John part of our Plano Y community. Next time you are at the Plano Y, make sure you give a John a warm Plano family welcome! 

Authored by: cmccauley