Meet Sonia, Liliana and Landon

Sonia, Liliana and Landon_WR

Liliana and Landon Garcia, ages 4 and 5, were enrolled in swimming lessons with their grandmother Sonia Machado this summer at the White Rock YMCA. Sonia said she became interested in learning how to swim when Landon slipped into a swimming pool one summer and she was unable to save him. Luckily, a neighbor was able to dive in and save her grandson’s life. Ever since, Sonia has been determined to learn how to swim and make sure that her grandchildren learned as well. “The reason I enrolled my grandchildren in swimming lessons is because I wanted them to learn how to swim, and I wanted them to be safe in and around the water”.

With the help of financial aid and the YMCA’s Safety Around Water program, Sonia and her grandchildren learned many life-saving water safety skills and how to swim at the White Rock YMCA’s pool this summer. “I am thankful for the help and financial aid with the swimming lessons. Hopefully, one day I can support someone and pass it on.” Sonia currently has full custody of her grandchildren and with the help of financial assistance, she frequently enrolls her grandchildren in many youth programs at the White Rock YMCA.

Authored by: sbenson