Dallas, Texas – Tuesday, December 15, 2020 — The Moorland YMCA at Oak Cliff, part of the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas, is partnering with the Bike Gangs of Fort Worth to provide free bicycle and repairs (called rehabs) for children and families on Saturday, Dec 19 at 1:00 pm outdoor on the basketball court, 6701 S. Hampton Rd. Dallas, TX 75232.


The 100 free bikes and rehab event, in collaboration with Bike Gangs of Fort Worth, is seeking volunteers to set up in separate stations, socially distanced, to rehab 100 bikes to get back into the community to encourage children and families to ride bikes and get out and move naturally. To volunteer for Saturday’s event, contact Keith Vinson at (214) 330-6321 or


Established in November 2016, The Bike Gangs of Fort Worth is a nonprofit organization that was founded by Daniel Guido, a father in the Park Glen community.  Its stated mission is to foster more neighborhood friendships and community, promoting “neighboring” in general (“build the neighborhood you want to live in”).  The organization provides free organized bike rides, free bike repairs, free bike trade-ups, free bikes and free bike helmets. A total of eight neighborhood bike gangs now exist all around the city of Fort Worth and they are collaborating with other communities across North Texas.


“We get kids and their parents out of their houses and away from their screens for free and family-friendly bike rides, typically twice per month.  Typically an hour or so long, rides start with a safety briefing, and then a slow-roll through neighborhoods, stopping to play at a park, then pedaling back to “home base” for a snack and water and sometimes cookouts or popsicles.” Daniel explains. “We're honored to be the recipients of a Mayoral award in the Health and Wellness category of the 2019 City of Fort Worth Neighborhood Awards, and for partnering with the City's code compliance and recycling stations to establish the Community Bike Builder program to intercept and rehab an additional 800-900 bikes per year for residents.”


The Moorland YMCA at Oak Cliff reopened this summer with new health and safety protocols and guidelines to keep members and guests safe. Guests can visit the Y for membership, youth sports, meal distribution, group exercise, and personal training while maintaining social distancing guidelines.


“We’re excited to partner with The Bike Gangs of Fort Worth and provide free bicycle repairs to children and families in our southern Dallas County community. The Moorland Family YMCA at Oak Cliff has been serving the community for 90 years and we’re committed to serving those in need, strengthening families, encouraging health and fitness.” Says Keith Vinson, Vice President Operations at the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas. “As community leaders, we inspire collaboration with other organizations and this partnership is a win-win for our community. We’re able to encourage healthy living and make a meaningful impact before the holiday season during these challenging times of social distancing.”

The Northpark YMCA, part of the YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth, recently held a Bike Rehab event on Saturday, December 5th that had over 100 volunteers. Ove 200 bikes were repaired and given away to children and families.


The Bike Gangs of Fort Worth has been rehabilitating and gifting bikes since 2017. Future plans include establishing the Neighborhood Bike Shop-in-a-Box model, which is based on a 20-foot shipping container format, and puts a full-fledged shop right in the neighborhoods that need them most.


“Considering that low-end bikes cost $75-$150 and repairs can easily run $40, it could be financially difficult for a family as kids continually grow through the five basic sizes of bicycles.  Further, the modern family has a shortage of time that causes a drop-off and pick-up at a bike shop to become a stressful luxury.” Guido explains. “Our model not only catalyzes neighbor interactions and promotes healthy use of our amazing outdoor amenities, but it also solves these economic and time-zapping challenges.  We aim to remove all barriers to entry and sustained participation and replace them with miles of smiles.”


They tout having over 1,200 bikes given back to the community, countless neighborhood bike rides, and over 10,000 estimated smiles and counting.


To find out more information about the Bike Gangs of Fort Worth, contact Gang Boss Daniel Guido at (682) 429-2298 or




About YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas


The Y is one of the nation’s leading nonprofits strengthening communities through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. Founded in 1885, the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas serves thousands of men, women and children each year, regardless of age, income or background. Anchored in communities across North Texas, the Dallas Y has the long-standing relationships and physical presence not just to promise, but to deliver, lasting personal and social change. The Y ensures all people have equitable access to the essentials needed to become thriving members of the community. Daily, the Y bridges and fills individual and community needs as a catalyst for impactful change. The YMCA makes accessible the support and opportunities that empower people and communities to learn, grow and thrive. This year, the Dallas Y celebrates 135 years of building stronger communities. Learn more about the Y at:  

About the Bike Gangs of Fort Worth


Established in November 2016, originally as The Park Glen Bike Gangs, The Bike Gangs of Fort Worth, now a 501(c)3 non-profit association, provides our community with free organized bike rides, free bike repairs, free bike trade-ups, free bikes, and free bike helmets.  It is proud to have eight neighborhood bike gangs all around the city, four affiliated "garage bike shops," fifteen partnering/sponsoring organizations, approximately 15 regular core volunteers, zero staff, and a zero dollar operating budget. To learn more visit:






Authored by: cmccauley