Chia Pudding

Julie Kuehn, Registered Dietitian for YMCA Metropolitan Dallas, shares her go to chia pudding recipe! Chia pudding is a great breakfast choice that is easy and delicious. It is high in nutrition like healthy fats and healthy proteins that will keep you full all morning.


What You’ll Need:

-Mason jar

- ½ cup of milk (any kind of milk works)

- ¼ cup of chia seeds

                NOTE: If you are new to chia seeds or fiber start with 2 tbsp and work up to ¼ cup

  • Toppings of your choice (fruit, nuts, honey are some great choices)

How to:

  • Add ½ cup of milk and ¼ cup of chia seeds into mason jar and stir together.
  • Let the mixture sit for a few minutes in the fridge, or overnight if you want to prepare ahead of time.
  • Once your mixture is settled (texture is creamy and not running) add preferred toppings and enjoy!

Authored by: cmccauley