The Scoop On The 55th Turkey Trot T-Shirt Design with Kate Sands

55th Turkey Trot shirt and medal


🦃 Get your t-shirt ahead of the race! 🦃 The 55th Turkey Trot registration is open! 

Dallas native and children's illustrator, Kate Cooper, shared this timelapse of her drawing that was chosen for this year's Turkey Trot!

"The Turkey Trot has been one of my family traditions for as long as I can remember. My grandparents (who are now in their 70s) ran the Turkey Trot, my parents ran the Turkey Trot before me and my siblings were born, and I’ve ran it on Thanksgiving day with my family and cousins since I was little. For that reason, the YMCA Turkey Trot for me is synonymous with gathering together as a family. When I heard about the opportunity to design the t-shirt, I immediately thought to my parents’ old collection of Turkey Trot shirts from the 90s, and felt it would be incredible to be a part of that archive. I am a kindergarten teacher and children’s book illustrator, so I value creativity and love to play with color in my illustrations. Born and raised in Dallas, I knew immediately I wanted to capture the traditions and trademarks of our city in a light and fun cartoon. I started with a cute turkey with a ten-gallon hat and decided to balance it with a sparkling skyline of my favorite Dallas landmarks, and of course, a big Southern sun. Looking at the completed design, it makes me feel proud of my hometown and brings out the nostalgic joy of this event. Having my artwork chosen for the 2022 YMCA Turkey Trot t-shirt means a lot to me because it represents family, community, and connection. I am very grateful to have a small part in this unique, meaningful Dallas tradition!"