Care free summer days are slowly coming to an end which can only mean one thing- it's time to head back to school! The joy of summer vacation can bring a much-needed pause on the jam-packed school schedules we all endure. Balancing the kids’ school responsibilities, extracurricular activities, and projects at work can at times seem like there are not enough hours in the day. Instead of being overwhelmed during the beginning school weeks, get ahead with these tips on how to get ready for back to school! 

  1. Re-establish school routines 

Before the first week of school, create a schedule that would mimic your child’s school routine. Start by having the kids wake up and get ready around the same time every day. Schedule a few activities outside the house that will have you all leave and come home around the same time as their school schedule. This will help ease everyone into the first weeks of school and help avoid hitting that snooze button one too many times. 

  1. Set up a homework station 

Creating a designated area for school work will help avoid poor study habits. Instead of doing homework in front of the TV, find an area in the house with its main purpose to be for studying. Make it fun by allowing the kids to decorate the space as they please and see what would work best for them! 

  1. Shop for school supplies together 

Having the kids come to the store with you to pick out supplies will make them more excited for the new year. Allowing them to pick out their own supplies is also a great strategy for instilling responsibility as well! 

  1. Plan ahead for the unexpected 

Working parents especially know the difficulty in finding a sitter during the week if your child gets sick the morning before school or during the day. Plan ahead with a sitter you know you can rely on during the work days if unexpected fevers happen.  

  1. Talk about the back to school worries 

It doesn't matter if it’s their 12th year of their first year, kids can experience back to school anxiety at any level. Before the first day, allow your kids to talk openly about any concerns or questions they might have for the new year. This will ease the minds of both you and your children.  

Authored by: cmccauley