Baby Depot - Supplies

The face of a parent or caregiver trying their best to get the necessities for their children in uncertain times is soul stirring.  To then see a glimmer of hope, a smile, and to hear thank you in a multitude of languages is the very remedy for that stirring!

We are living in unprecedented times. Many of our marginalized communities who are challenged with making ends meet in the best of circumstances, are finding it almost impossible to get essentials now. Through our intentional Diversity, Inclusion and Equity work, the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas is keenly aware of the opportunity gaps that exist. We value these communities by standing in the gaps, and are creating ways for the least of us to not be forgotten, and for the most essential of us to get support. 

One of those ways is the Baby Depot. On Friday, March 27th, the Park South Branch partnered with Carter’s House to distribute over 400 packages containing diapers, wipes, baby food, and feminine hygiene products to those in need.  While the distribution event was scheduled to run from 10am – 1pm, by 7am families began lining up. One hour after our 10am distribution start time, we distributed ALL 400 packages drive thru and walk up style. We did this all while maintaining social distance, using 10 volunteers, and wearing necessary protective equipment. To see people whose primary needs far outweigh their fear come together with people whose need to serve outweighed their fear, was a defining moment. 

So since hashtags seem to be the thing, I will offer another that underscores our work here.  Along with  #AloneTogether, #COVID19, #TogetherApart and many others, I offer this one as a call to action and way to let EVERY PERSON in our community know we are here for good:  #StandingInTheGaps


Rodrigua Ross

District Executive Director

YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas