For the second summer in a row, Summer Learning Academy has provided an inclusive and hands on learning environment to students of the Dallas area. With the success of last year’s program at Roger Q. Mills Elementary, Summer Learning Academy was able to expand this summer to include Cesar Chavez Elementary to the program as well. With a combined enrollment of 100 children, students were categorized by rising grade level and were able to learn through one on one support and small group instruction from dedicated teachers. And the end of the summer, the program saw tremendous improvement throughout their 100 students. Some of the statistics include: 

79.01 percent of students increased or maintained their scores in both math or reading 

90.12 percent of student increased their math scores by an average of 6.54 percent 

81. 48 percent of students increased their scores in reading on average of 4.03 percent 

Summer Learning Academy not only provides a workspace for students to learn, but also creates a positive and fun environment for children to learn without even realizing it. Parents of the students complimented the program’s ability for their child to “have fun and at the same time learn” and that their “children feel motivated to attend school”. Giving children the confidence to be leaders in the classroom is a continuous goal for Summer Learning Academy, and it wouldn’t be possible without the hard work from the passionate teachers and staff in the program. With school just around the corner, we can’t wait to see our Summer Learning Academy students shine this upcoming year!  

Authored by: cmccauley