Family Dancing

With public schools, events, and buildings being closed due to the coronavirus, more and more families are staying at home and doing their part to help stop the spread of the virus. Staying at home all day during the week can definitely feel like unknown territory, but it is important to continue to stay mentally and physically active. Here is a list of different ideas you and your family can do around the house: 

  1. Cook or Bake as a Family 

Try recreating your favorite cooking show or contest with the whole family. You never know what delicious recipe you can create!  

  1. Have a Reading Challenge 

All those books you’ve been dying to read but never seemed to have the time? Make it a challenge to see how many you can finish! 

  1. Break out the Board Games 

Have your family game night during the day! If you aren’t necessarily on the competitive side, enjoy a puzzle that the whole family can contribute in. 

  1. Let your Artistic Side Shine  

Whether it be painting, playing instruments, dancing, or singing- now is the time to express yourself! Take this down time to let your creative side flow.  

  1.   Make an Indoor Fort and Have a Movie Night 

Grab some extra sheets, chairs, and clothes pins to create your very own indoor fort! Add some comfy pillows and blankets to the interior and you have your very own movie watching experience ready in the comfort of your home!  

Authored by: cmccauley