Why The Y: Jennifer Hammond

Jennifer Hammond and family

I came to work for the Y almost 6 months ago. One of the main reasons I choose the Y is I was seeking a place that would support and encourage a healthier balance with work and family. Being a part of the Y team has absolutely done that and so much more. It has given me the opportunity to grow professionally and personally. It has given my son an opportunity to take swim lessons at 2 different branches and continue to learn how to be safe in and around water. He also loved being a part of Summer Camp and all the fun activities and building new friendships. He is currently getting to play soccer and I am getting the opportunity to coach his team. Family and friends come out every weekend to cheer The Lions on! He loves pulling into the parking lot of any branch and when he sees the logo he says “Mommy that’s my Y!! My husband and I are excited to get to be a part of volunteering at some upcoming events and we as a whole family will be participating in the Turkey Trot next month. Being able to work for a company that my family can be a part of in so many ways has created a healthier work-life balance. I am so grateful to be here working alongside each of you every day!

- Jennifer Hammond