Why the YMCA is Perfect for your On the Go Lifestyle

With the demanding schedules of being a parent, especially if you are a working parent that's preparing for school starting up again, taking care of you and your family’s fitness often gets put on the back burner. The busy days include taking the kids to school, working, picking them up, helping them with their homework, making dinner and numerous other tasks that make going to the gym seem impossible. Across the Dallas YMCA association, we strive to help you and your families stay fit and healthy. We help you make time for yourself and help your kids learn how to take care of themselves to make your life a little less hectic.

We offer everything from babysitting, adult fitness classes, group exercise classes, swim classes for the family, and many others to help you make time for your health. Drop your children off at our Child Watch program or for a swimming lesson so that you can have some alone time to work out!

We offer numerous outlets for you to be able to focus on your health while your children are being taken care of. Here are some of the ways you can get some free time:

  • Our Child Watch program doesn’t just involve supervision but also continues your children’s learning and physical activity. We play numerous brain stimulating games over a two hour time period. The best part about the program is that it’s a free service for all members!
  • The After School Care program gives you a little more time after work to wind down and get a work out in before you have to pick up the kids. After working with industry experts to determine the best possible after school care service that were both educational and physically active, we have been able to develop the perfect program for your child! We have at least 30 minutes of physical activity, as well as assigned time to work on homework. The children will be assisted by our friendly and knowledgeable staff that went through hours of training in order to provide your children with the best help possible while you’re away.
  • The Parent’s Night Out service lets you relax and have fun with your significant other or friends while your child is having fun with other children under adult supervision. For four hours we will watch your children and keep them occupied with games, activities and socializing with other children their age.
  • The Play and Learn program allows children to learn from the activity they are participating in. This free service invites families and children under five years old to come play and learn in an interactive environment with others. Our activities are ones that stimulate brain development and social skills at a young age. Your children will participate in drawing and painting, singing, story time and other creative, fun activities!

Please consider becoming a member at one of our YMCA locations so that you can have some much deserved free time to focus on yourself and to take advantage of our after school care programs.

Feel free to stop in for a tour and speak with one of our staff members about all of the benefits. Visit www.ymcadallas.org for location information and more. 





Authored by: YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas