The Y has been helping people help themselves, their families, and their communities for over 100 years. We help identify the needs of a community, become anchor with a local presence and provide no-cost solutions, as well as financial assistance to those in need. Each year our branches and two camps conduct an Annual Campaign which raises the much needed funding. However, none of this good work can be accomplished without our Annual Campaign volunteers. Our Annual Campaign Volunteers take volunteering to a whole new level when it comes to helping us raise money for our communities.

Are you interested in being an Annual Campaign Volunteer? Check out these reasons on why you should take volunteering to the next level!

  1. It’s fulfilling to know that you are helping your community.

By becoming a campaigner, you can impact lives of thousands of people in your community. Through volunteering your time to help us campaign, we have the opportunity to help thousands of individuals learn valuable skills at no cost.

  1. It’s challenging, as it will build your skills interacting with people.

Becoming an Annual Campaign volunteer and getting connected with the Y gives you the opportunity to network with influential community members, strengthen your resume, and become a leader in your community.

  1. It’s fun being a part of a group of people that are achieving the same goals.

When becoming a volunteer for the Dallas YMCA Annual Campaign, you get to be a part of something bigger than yourself. The time you spend with your Annual Campaign team creates new friendships and long-lasting memories. At the end of the campaign you and your team get the satisfaction knowing that your time spent volunteering will be helping thousands of people in your community.

At the end of the day think about this: When did you ever feel bad after helping a friend, colleague, or someone you didn’t know… NEVER! As a volunteer you are offering your services, time and commitment to someone or something that is not required of you, it’s done out of the good of your heart.  We thank all our past, current, and future volunteers for the amazing work they do in serving their community. Interested in volunteer for our Annual Campaign? Contact your local YMCA today or email us for more information.