"Y" I'm Thankful

Y Im Thanful

My Y has taken on many transformations through the course of my life. When I moved here in 2015, I was in a very unfamiliar place and had to navigate my new future. This naturally forced me into finding my true “Y”.  

Setting sail to give back to myself, I turned to fitness. It empowered me in so many ways and gave back physically, mentally, and spiritually. It still does to this day! It is a constant in my life, where I am part of an amazing community, such as PWRFIT, and where I can share my passion with others through my own personal training business. I love a great challenge, and I love empowering others to take on challenges as well. 

When we work to be better every day, there is no other place to go except for up! This is such an amazing feeling. Even with setbacks, we are equipped to preserve, because of the people we surround ourselves with and through strength that we have built up. Best of all, I set an example for my kids... our future! Thank you to all of the amazing trainers and people that are in my life at the Y! I’m truly blessed. 

Authored by: Taheera Washington