The YMCA stands with Ukraine
We stand in solidarity



As you may know, Russian Armed Forces have attacked several cities in Ukraine since February 24. Our hearts are breaking as we see and hear the stories of family, friends, colleagues, immigrants and citizens of Ukraine who are supporting the fight for freedom and providing aid to residents fleeing the country for their safety. We admire their resilience, perseverance and commitment to ensure a country where democracy thrives.

The YMCA Movement stands in solidarity with Ukraine and all people affected by this conflict.

YMCA of the USA is working with YMCA Europe and YMCA Ukraine to obtain updates and information as the situation unfolds to determine how the YMCA can best support youth, families and communities in need. YMCA Europe and the YMCAs in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and Georgia have worked closely together for years to promote peace building, youth empowerment and cooperation in the region through initiatives such as Roots for Reconciliation. Our U.S. Y Movement (local YMCA partners and Y-USA) have worked closely with YMCA Europe to develop local and national YMCAs in the region, their leadership, and youth programs over the past three decades.

About YMCA Ukraine

The YMCA was established in Ukraine in 1902. After being banned from 1917 to 1991 when Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union, the YMCA was reorganized and restarted in 1993. The Ukraine YMCA has a presence in 14 communities around the country reaching thousands of youth through programs focused on sports, camping, psychosocial counseling, performing arts, HIV prevention, international exchanges and civic engagement. Learn more about YMCA Ukraine in this 2016 Video Testimonial by Marta, a young YMCA volunteer. 

How to Help

YMCA World Service, the national annual campaign of the U.S. Y Movement, has launched an emergency appeal in anticipation of the growing needs and response by the YMCA of Ukraine and YMCAs in the region. If you want to make a gift and/or share this link with your networks, please do: