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The YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas has a unique connection to the YMCA of Liberia through longtime Dallas YMCA soccer coach Doc Lawson.  Well respected on both a national and international level, Doc enjoyed great success in his soccer career by playing at the college and professional levels, and even played a role on Olympic teams in the sport.  After ending his playing career in 1991, he turned to coaching and teaching children the joy of soccer here in the USA. 

He eventually founded his non-profit organization, Donami, to bring soccer to the children of his native country Liberia.  65% of Liberia’s population is children, many of who are orphans or living with a single mother due to the injustices of civil wars.  Donami brings soccer and childhood fun to these youth as a way to inspire social change.  With a goal of reaching 60,000 children ages 4-14, Donami seeks to raise funds for soccer uniforms, water, referee fees, staff, and all the other items that are needed. 

This unique partnership of giving Donami the support it needs allows you, supporters of the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas, the ability to support Donami and in turn, support the YMCA of Liberia and the people of its country.  Liberia has faced many hardships and there is no doubt that doctors and nurses and the population of Liberia will work together to curb the health conditions  affecting people there.  Support of Donami continues during this harrowing time.  Please join many others in spreading joy to these children through a gift to Donami – Inspiring Youth for the Liberian Renaissance.


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