Group of teens wearing blue polo shirts, ready to go to the Youth and Government conference
Work at the Y

Youth & Teens

You're never too young to make an impact!
Basic Foundations

Working with our Pre - K and Child Watch departments provides our staff the opportunity to build the foundations for a great leader. 

Child Watch Leader                  Child Watch Attendant

Child Watch Coordinator          Preschool Teacher

Elementary..building blocks of life!

Young minds are perfect for planting seeds. Seeds that will grow and develop into our future leaders. The YMCA offers positions to all just that!

After School Group Leader              After School Site Director

Be a there to offer encouragement

Remember those teenage years? The YMCA has positions where YOU can help navigate those raging waters. 

Teen After School Counselor                     Teen Camp Counselor

Teen Camp Site Director                           Youth Development Coordinator

All Kids are Special

Being "special" doesn't mean different. Be a part of a great program working with kids that require just a little more help.

Rise Part Time Teacher Assistant                      Rise After School Group Leader