Financial Assistance at the YMCA

Made possible by the YMCA’s Annual Campaign

We, at the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas, feel strongly that income should not be a barrier to becoming a member of the Y or participating in any of our programs.

Anyone can apply to receive financial support through the Y For All program.  Eligibility for financial support and the amount of financial support that can be given is determined on an individual basis.

If you’re ready to apply for financial support, please complete the application below. Within two weeks of receiving your completed application and the required supporting documentation, we will contact you to let you know the outcome of your application. Financial support through the Y For All program is valid for a maximum of one year, but can be renewed with updated financial documentation.

Thank you for considering being a part of the Y family. Your membership and participation are important to us!

Name of Person Receiving Assistance
Spouse’s Name (if applicable)
Do you have dependents living at home?


Dependent #1:
Dependent #2:
Dependent #3:
Dependent #4:


Employer Name 1
Employer Name 2
Employer Name 3
Is anyone in your household receiving any educational financial assistance?
Documentation of this financial assistance must be included with application.


Household Monthly Income:
Please enter dollar amounts for each applicable listing.
Household Monthly Expenses:
I affirm to the best of my knowledge that the above information is true and complete. I agree to provide income documentation in full, and for all members of my household. I understand that this application expires annually, and I must reapply as requested by the branch to continue receiving assistance.

This document must be completed in full for consideration. All of the following information must be emailed to before processing will occur:

  • All household income sources and assistance must be documented and included with this application, special circumstances must include a written, signed letter
  • Last two paycheck stubs from all employers of household members
  • Most recent W2 and the most recent income tax return (1040) for the household
  • Signed letters from employers if any of the above is not available
  • Proof of all public assistance for household members
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