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Family Events/Nights

Family nights allow families a time and a place to come together to have a good time, participate in a variety of fun activities, share, communicate and strengthen their relationships, and meet other families.

Activities could include mixers or ice breakers, pool games, arts and crafts, family fitness, games, volunteer opportunities and family discussions over refreshments.

Family special events: Less frequently than family nights, Family Special Events are often holiday-related but could also have fitness, social events, or sports themes. Examples include Lunch with Santa, Family Fitness Runs/Walks like the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, and more. Participating in activities that embrace children’s interests help them feel like an important part of the family.

Family trips: Ys remove the stress of planning family outings by arranging all tickets, transportation, and reservations. Families just show up, relax, and enjoy. Sporting events like a Rangers baseball game, Stars hockey, plays and presentations, amusement parks, and tourist attractions are just a few of the many potential family trips. This is great for busy families that want to add in new activities that promote their children’s health and happiness.

Check with your local branch for upcoming family events.