CCAC’s Outdoor Education Program exists to extend the classroom experience into the outdoors. Our overall purpose is to nurture youth development, energize healthy living, and inspire social responsibility by maximizing the resources of the natural world.

Nurturing Youth Development

Our goal is to teach a curriculum that is aligned with the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills), preparing them for both formal and informal classroom assessments, as well as state-level standardized testing. Our curriculum doesn’t focus solely on science TEKS, but integrates social studies, reading, writing, and even math! Classroom extension is vital to our program success. 

Energizing Healthy Living

Our programs allow students to explore an outdoor lifestyle that revolves around hiking, canoeing, fishing, personal reflection and more. Just like adults, children sometimes need time to step away from their every-day routine and appreciate the calmness that only nature can bring.

Inspiring Social Responsibility

With emphasis on the YMCA core values of respect, responsibility, caring, and honesty, we teach students how to care for the natural resources around them. We also partner with each school district to promote their unique leadership standards such as integrity, loyalty, civic duty, accountability, and pursuit of excellence.


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Phone: 214-667-5600