New Directions: A Course for Teens and Their Parents to maximize the teen’s abilities to make enlightened and informed decisions about alcohol and other drugs.

C.A.R.E. offers New Directions, a class designed for the teen and their parents. New Directions is a four week, eight hour session which provides: education, peer group processing and peer guest speakers. After the completion of New Directions, participants will develop an understanding of:

• The medical, psychological and addictive risks of alcohol and other drug use

• The real costs of substance abuse: legal crises, bodily injuries, damaged careers and fractured families.

New Directions Course Outline:

Session I

Effects of Alcohol

Seeking Solutions

Social Influences

Session II

The Legal Perspective

Drinking & Driving: a Lethal Mix

Session III

Risk of Addiction

Dangers of Drugs

Session IV

Family Dynamics

Recovery experiences

Signs of Addiction

COST: $50 for teen/$25 for one or both parents. Mandatory that one parent attend with each teen. Minimum of 5 teens/maximum of 12 teens per class.

*Class Schedule and location coming soon!

Contact us to request more information on how to register.