The Y wants all children to have the knowledge and skills necessary to stay healthy and active. Beginning this training while young will encourage healthy lifestyle habits from childhood into adulthood. The Y's Homeschool P.E. program is designed to help your child increase their strength and endurance, build self-esteem and sport specific skills, improve coordination, encourage team building, and promote healthy habits. 

Facilitated by trained and certified YMCA staff, students will participate in activities that include fitness, fundamental and sport-specific skills. Classes consist of instruction, warm-up, sports/games, cool-down, and stretch. Classes will be held in the gym or outside on the soccer fields (weather permitting). 

Ages 7 to 13 years  

Primary program objectives are: 

  • Fostering kids' love of physical activity and play
  • Encouraging and promoting healthy lifestyle habits
  • Giving kids an opportunity to learn about teamwork
  • Developing a sense of fair play and cooperation

Pricing: $45/child