What is YMCA Adventure Guides and Adventure Princesses?  Adventures, Experiences and Challenges that will play a special and unique role in the development of your child.  It is a Father-Child experience designed to help foster a lifetime of companionship to strengthen the relationship between children (Ages: PreK to 5th grade) and parents. 

As an Adventure Guide or Princess, you and your daughter or son will join a unique "Circle" with whom you'll participate in games, camping trips, and ceremonies, while fostering a sense of self-esteem, personal worth, and quality family time.

Pre-Kindergarten - 5th Grade Explorers and Princesses:
Father and child participate together in this relationship-building program. Circles meet one to two times per month and have one big expedition event each month.

2017/2018 School Year Fees

Family Member Fee: $45

Activity Member Fee: $75 


Check back soon for upcoming Adventure Guides & Princesses events and campouts!