Boy's Midnight Basketball

Boys will hear from a motivational speaker, work on drills, play basketball and eat dinner together.

Ages: 11-15 years old

When:  Tuesdays 7:30-9:30, through August 2nd

Cost:  Free and open to all

A parent must fill out a one-time registration form.

Teen Pickup Basketball 

Teen Pickup Basketball is full court and staff supervised. YMCA Members have full access to the gym before and after as well as the wellness floor. Non-members only have access to the Y during the pickup basketball times.

Ages:  Middle School and High School

Tuesday, July 20th - start of the school year
Tuesdays 12-2pm 
Friday 12-2pm

Cost:  Free and open to all, non-members must have waiver on file

Girls Volleyball Clinic

Girls will work on drills, play a game and share dinner.

Grades: 6th-10th 

When:  Thursdays 7:30-9:30, through August 5th

Cost:  Free to all

Parent must fill out one-time registration form