Staff Directory

At the Moody Family Y, we all aspire to be our best. Our staff members care deeply about our community and the work they do with our members.


Willie Lees Executive Director
Tyler Fenimore Associate Executive Director
Stacy Wells Business Services Director  
Edith Wilson  Membership Assistant  
Maude Pampel Rise School Director
Carly Markell Dartez Membership Director
Brenda Rabe Member Experience Director
Sallie Martinez Associate Membership Director
Andrew Alvarado Sports Director
Mona Callaghan  Community and Outreach Director  
Cerinavia Fogle Associate Sports Director

May MacGregor Volunteer Verification Coordinator
Stella Paz  Senior Program Director, Aquatics and Outreach
Jackson Locke Marketing and Teen Director
John Ibrahim Wellness Director
Julie Motter Group Exercise Coordinator
Daniel Valencia Associate Aquatics Director
David Rayo Facilities Director