All of us have heard that exercising is great for health. While it helps one to achieve the desired physical shape, its effects on the mind and the soul are also well established. Our bodies crave for some sort of exercise for its smooth functioning, and participating in exercise at Moorland YMCA is a great place to start.

We offer several group fitness classes a week.  Exercising with a group of people offers Encouragement, Accountability, Competition, Socializing and Fun!  Our fitness center has cardio and strength machines.

Diabetes Prevention

A trained lifestyle coach will help you build healthy lifestyle habits by introducing new options for healthy eating, physical activity and other healthy lifestyle changes. 

Personal Training

Our Certified Personal Trainers will add some accountability to your fitness regimen with a workout plan tailored to YOU! Find your fit today!

Group Exercise

Find your FIT in one of our many different group exercise classes.