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Basketball Clinic


Basketball was invented in 1891. While teaching at the International YMCA Training School, James Naismith was given the challenge of creating a game that could be played indoors during the cold winter months. Hanging simple peach baskets and using a soccer ball, Naismith created the game of basketball and wrote the first 13 rules of the game! Oak Cliff YMCA Youth basketball teams learn
how to dribble, shoot, free throw, jump shots, and more.  Basketball players learn to listen to their coach, commit to playing a fair game, and bounce back after making a mistake. OAK CLIFF youth basketball players are a slam dunk!


The objective of the instructional camp is to provide players the opportunity to improve their fundamental skills and develop understanding of the game of basketball. Our youth sports program encourages and strengthens communities by placing a priority on family involvement, health competition rather than rivalry, team building as well as individual development and character building.BASKETBALL CLINIC SUMMER 2016


Ages 8-14

Time: 6:00pm - 7:15pm

Registration: FEB 1- JUNE 3

Camp Dates: JUNE 6 - JUNE 9

Cost:  Member: FREE  Non-Member: FREE

**Registration Required