Teen Activities and More

Teenagers, regardless of background, face choices that can positively or negatively influence their lives. The Y helps teens and their families to reach new heights and is committed to programs that offer character development, citizenship, leadership and service.

Teen Camp All-A-Days! 

This summer experience gives teens the opportunity to revisit all the national, international, and school holidays through fun, innovative, and engaging weekly themes. Each week teens will revisit a fun holiday with an added fun twist involving sports challenges, STEM activities, art, photography and film, swimming, and community partners and special guest to help develop a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Camp Amenities:

  • Morning Snack, Lunch, and Afternoon Snack provided
  • STEM Programming with Community Partners and the YMCA STEM Mobile Lab
  • In-House Field Trips offered throughout summer
  • Outdoor Field Trip to Collin County Adventure Camp (July 29th-30th)
  • Listening to professional speakers
  • Planning and volunteering with various service projects

Our goal is for teens to learn to work together, learn new skills, gain better decision making and conflict resolution skills, while discovering something new about themselves.


Location: 3300 McDermott Rd., Plano, TX 75025
Ages: 11-15 years
Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri
 - 7:30 am - 8 am - Pre-Camp
 - 9 am to 5 pm - Camp
 - 5 pm to 6:00 pm - Post Camp
Supply Fee: $30 YMCA Members, $50 Non-Members
Weekly Rate: $195 YMCA Members, $230 Non-Members


Camp Dates:

June 6th - July 29th 2022

      Example of Weekly Themes: 

      Week 1: Welcome to Homecoming & Crazy Holiday’s 

      Welcome back to Teen Camp! Get to know each other and enjoy a homecoming dance party to celebrate the start of the summer. We're also celebrating all the random holidays with a twist.  

      Week 2: Time for a Fall Fest 

      Experience a sci-fi and tech week of fun experiments and challenges. 

      Week 3: Happy New Year’s Around the World 

      Let us celebrate the excitement of the new year by visiting the traditions of the New Year celebration from around the world. 

      Week 4: Multicultural Festivals 

      In honor of all the various cultures, we will visit all the traditions and food of the world’s festivals. 

      Week 5: Independence Power 

      Express your power with a week of engaging independent challenges and creative expression. 

      Week 6: Show Thanks & Practice Giving 

      Learn to express gratitude toward others by giving back.  

      Week 7: Christmas in July 

      Learn the cultures of others and share your experiences while engaging in a fun holiday traditional activities. 

      Week 8: Camp Graduation 

      Enjoy camp graduation with an overnight camping trip filled with team building challenges and new experiences. 



      Yashi McGowan


      Teen Outside/Overnight Camps

      Teens are invited to a summer of adventure at one of our three outdoor camps. They will have the opportunity to partake in wakeboarding, rock climbing, ziplining and more. Join the fun this summer!

      For teens ages 12-18.


      Camp on the Lake

      Collin County Adventure Camp

      Camp Grady Spruce