Adventure Guides

The Adventure Guides program provides fathers and their children the opportunity to spend valuable time together. As part of a larger group, both father and child create unforgettable memories playing games, spending the weekend at an overnight camp, family adventures, and much more. Register today through your local YMCA branch.

We won't grow old and just remember our lives in general, we will remember moments in our lives. The Adventure Guides program creates moments and lifetime memories.

Luke Plese, Adventure Guides Dad


Registration Information

Must be registered with program to attend campouts or participate in any events. It is a one-time fee paid for the entire school year. We prorate the fee if you join halfway through the school-year.

We do offer a 50% discount for 2nd children in the program. The discount can be applied in the branch or you may register and we can take the discount off afterwards. Please e-mail Samantha at for more information.

Program Registration

Program Resources

2019-2020 CalendarCode of ConductParticipant Manual

Spring 2020 Campouts:

2nd & 3rd Grade Campout: March 27th-29th at Camp Classen

Registration Link: HERE

Additional Child: HERE

Camp Classen website

Kinder Campout: April 17th-19th at Camp Grady Spruce

Registration Link: HERE

Additional Child: HERE

Camp Grady Spruce website

1st Grade Campout: May 1st-3rd at Camp El Tesoro

Registration Link: HERE

Additional Child: HERE

Camp El Tesoro website

2019-2020 EVENTS:

Fall Events: Spring Events:
Kinder Induction Ceremony- October 8th at 7:00 PM FreePlay Event- January 26th
Pumpkin Carving Contest- October 24th at 6:30 PM Mother/Son Social- February 20th
Father/Daughter Dance- November 14th Derby Day- March 8th 
Turkey Shoot Out- November 16th at Lake Highlands Y Rocket Launch- During Campouts
Christmas Parade/Santa's Village- December 7th End of Year Family Event-May


Spring Events:

1st Annual Mother/Son Social February 20th: Event Information

Mother/Son Social

Derby Day March 8th: $15 includes your car and event registration. Derby Cars are available at the Y!

Check-In Starts: 12:30 PM

Race Time: 2:00 PM

2020 Derby Rules & FAQs