What is YMCA Adventure Guides and Adventure Princesses?  Adventures, experiences, and challenges that will play a special and unique role in the development of your child.  It is a Father-Child experience designed to help foster a lifetime of companionship to strengthen the relationship between children (Ages: K to 3rd grade) and parents. 

As an Adventure Guide or Princess, you and your daughter or son will join a unique "Circle" with whom you'll participate in games, camping trips, and ceremonies, while fostering a sense of self-esteem, personal worth, and quality family time.


Registration Information

Must be registered with program to attend campouts or participate in any events. It is a one-time fee paid for the entire school year. We prorate the fee if you join halfway through the school-year.

We do offer a 50% discount for 2nd children in the program. The discount can be applied in the branch or you may register and we can take the discount off afterwards. Please e-mail Samantha at for more information.

Registration is now open for the 2018-2019 school year!

All Participants:              

$35 Family Member Rate            

$60 Non Member Rate               


2018-2019 CAMPOUTS:

Fall Campouts:

Spring Campouts:

  • 1st-3rd Grade Campout: Sky Ranch
    • March 23rd-25th
  • Kinder Campout: Camp Grady Spruce
    • April 12th-14th

2018 EVENTS:

Fall Events: Spring Events:
Circle Formation Night- September 20th Family Free Play Event- January
Kinder Induction Ceremony- October 11th Daddy/Daughter Dance- February 7th
Pumpking Carving Contest- October 25th Derby Day - March 3rd
Christmas Parade- December Rocket Launch- During Campouts
Santa's Village- December End of Year Family Event- May