Adventure Guide & Princess

The father and son Y-Indian Guide program was developed in 1926 to support the father’s vital family role as teacher, counselor, and friend to his son. After World War II, the success of the father/son program nurtured the development of other parent-child programs. A mother/daughter program, called Y-Indian Maidens; a father/daughter program, called Y-Indian Princesses; and the mothers/sons Y-Indian Braves Program.

What is the YMCA Adventure Guides Program? Adventures, Experiences and Challenges that will play a special and unique role in the development of your child. It is a Father-Child experience designed to help foster a lifetime of companionship to strengthen the relationship between children (Ages: K to 3rd grade) and parents. 

As an Adventure Guide or Princess, you and your son/daughter will join a unique "Territory" with whom you'll participate in games, camping trips, and ceremonies while fostering a sense of self-esteem, personal worth and quality family time.


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