Teen Volunteers

Need community service hours for school or church?  Please fill out a volunteer form at the Welcome Center and we will contact you for your availability.
Curry Goff
Family & Teen Director
214 357 8431 ext 42



Positive Activities and Caring Adult Attention

A mainstay of YMCA offerings for young people, Y youth sports programs fill kids' discretionary hours with positive activities and caring adult attention. Coaches, most often volunteers including many parents,  emphasize teamwork and cooperation over winning at any cost, cultivating good values over developing the next superstar. Basketball and volleyball, both YMCA inventions, are popular youth programs, as are tackle and flag football, baseball, and soccer.
Lead your team
If you are interested in being a volunteer coach, please contact Andrew at aalvarado@ymcadallas.org.  No formal experience necessary.  Free online training is available!

  1. Coaching Checklist
    1. Turn in the Coach Forms for each coach (head and assistants). - If you already have one on file, you do not need do fill another one out - Each coach will undergo a Criminal Background Check - You will not receive your roster or jerseys until this is turned in and filled out completely
    2. Three (3) Reference Forms. Please get three references to fill this form out and turn it in with your Volunteer Application.
    3. Recruit your son or daughters' friends to play sports!
    4. Review the Sports Parent Handbook for complete league information.
    5. Review the Coach Manual and Emergency Procedures for your records.
    6. Attend the mandatory Coach's Meeting

Andrew Alvarado
Senior Sports Director
214 357 8431 ext 16