For our young people, having the right guidance and support can make a real difference in figuring out who they are and what they can achieve. Whether our youth come to the Y looking to explore their interests, or for support in navigating challenges, the Y is committed to nurturing teens and providing the roots for their success.


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Youth & Government (11-18 yrs)



Teens, catch the excitement of shaping the future by learning how government works and what it takes to implement improvements through the YMCA Youth and Government program.

This dynamic group gives teens hands-on experience in state government roles as senators, legislators, judges, court justices and news reporters who cover the political scene. Competitions are held on a district and state level in Austin.

YMCA Texas Youth and Government is a statewide, youth led, civic engagement program for high school and middle school students.  It is an exciting hands-on experience in the mechanics of the state legislative and judicial process of government along with print and broadcast media. Youth delegates:

  • Study and debate public issues
  • Experience the Judicial branch of our state government
  • Write a legislative bill
  • Participate in a Youth Legislature
  • Produce the State Y&G news broadcast
  • Edit the State Y&G newspaper

Students from Waxahachie and surrounding areas will meet monthly with a volunteer sponsor to plan and train for competitions. Serving all of Ellis County.

Info: Texas Youth and Government

Join youth leaders from around the state to debate the issues that are important to you. Listen to delegates with different experiences. Research public issues and become aware of local, state, national and international concerns. Accept your civic responsibilities and your leadership role. Get involved in the decision making process and have fun the whole time!