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Jane Ann McGee

Jane Ann McGee comes to the White Rock YMCA a lot. In fact, in 2017, she visited the Y over 230 times! Jane Ann’s dedication to the Y has steadily grown in her five years of membership. “I started out at the old Y, then went to the temporary space, and now am enjoying the new Y!” she said.

Her first experience with the Y was when she got her membership five years ago. “I started to go to the Zumba, kickboxing, and water aerobics classes and found it to be a fun experience and kept going.” Jane Ann had tried several other gyms before finding the Y, where she saw a difference almost immediately. “I remember when I first started at the Y there was a Y t-shirt that said, ‘You can work out anywhere, but you belong at the Y.”

So how does Jane Ann keep her time at the Y exciting? She is always trying different classes and switching up her exercise routine! “I like trying out new things at the Y. I enjoy kickboxing, Zumba, and spin classes – I had never done these before going to the Y!” In addition to trying out new group exercise classes, Jane Ann has taken more structured programs like personal training and a 12-week self defense class.

While it seems like Jane Ann has tried just about everything the Y has to offer, she continues to look for opportunities to branch out. “I would like to try the Barre class. I never did ballet, so it would be a new experience for that class.”

Overall, the Y has encouraged Jane Ann to break out of her comfort zone. “It has made me healthier and more open to trying new exercise activities. I enjoy the classes, the instructors, the staff, and meeting new people in the classes. You can try a new class and everyone is very supportive!”